Russian MFA spokeswoman – Russia is counting on Nord Stream to split the EU and NATO.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zaharova denoted the main problem with the Nord Stream gas pipeline – that for Moscow, the project is the test of whether and to what extent the EU countries are ready to break away from the US policy because of overriding ‘business’ interest with Russia.

“I read the analysis of German experts. They define this energy project as existential, “Zakharova said, noting that Nord Stream is not about politics, just a business project, but it is vital for Germany’s development.

Why is this statement of Zaharova important?

The Kremlin’s geostrategic goal is to win Germany on its side. Zaharova de facto acknowledged that the project was “existential”, “vital for Germany’s development”, and a key element in the Kremlin’s strategy to drive a wedge between the US and the EU.

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Moscow hopes it has a chance as Germany has still no LNG terminal relying entirely on pipeline gas from Russia. The business element is brokering Russian gas to the rest of Europe and securing privileged prices and brokerage fees. After Moscow lost its energy leverage in contacts with EU countries, it hopes to achieve the same result using Germany as a proxy.

Given the strategic stakes in the Nord Stream-2 project, as evidenced by Zaharova’a revelation, it is illogical to claim that it is all about “business”.

Ilian Vassilev

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