Moscow intensifies its “guerrilla” warfare against Bulgaria

In case you haven’t heard, Kremlin media has released a story claiming that Bulgarian “guerrillas” were responsible for blowing up Gebrev’s warehouse. This news was swiftly disseminated through the networks of Russian influence in the country. While this is a classic case of IPSO (info-psychological operation), something far more sinister is at play – the commencement of a Russian proxy war of terror on Bulgarian soil.
The Kremlin has effectively declared the existence of “partisans,” implying the presence of military resistance against the legitimately elected government, particularly in response to its policy of military support for Ukraine. To this end, Moscow has activated its agent networks and fifth column, alerting them. Targeted strikes have been ordered against Bulgarian defence industry enterprises that export arms to Ukraine. It is no coincidence that perpetrators are called “partisans,” evoking analogies with the armed resistance during World War II.

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These actions are meant to cover the tracks of GRU agents directing the new wave of subversive operations against the Bulgarian government. There is no doubt that there is coordination between the IPSO, president Radev, and the leader of Vazrajdane Kostadinov.
Immediate measures are required to tighten the regime and eliminate the unnecessary tolerance of any expressions of ideological and political affiliation between the Russian special services carrying out terrorist operations and Bulgarian politicians and media supporting them. Faced with such a blatant challenge, we must respond firmly within the confines of the law.
Therefore, the government and parliament must promptly replace the heads of the security services, as they are compromised. Without a functioning security system, tomorrow, we will witness the destruction of warehouses, the assassination of politicians and public figures, arbitrally labelled Russophobes, and the targeting of military bases. And the perpetrators will go unpunished as usual.
Moscow has signalled the escalation of attacks against the government, motivated by its support for Ukraine, among other reasons. The government will also hinder the project of laundering Russian gas through Turkey, which will trigger a new wave of anti-government subversive actions.
Once again, Prime Minister Denkov and Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel, Moscow has declared war on you. And yet, the compromised security services dare to claim that “there is no direct threat to Bulgaria”? Why is partisans’ explosion in a warehouse not considered a direct threat?!

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